Characteristics of infrared radiators!

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【概要描述】Characteristicsofinfraredradiators Theinfraredradiatorismadeupofnickelchromiumalloyelectricheatwireandsiliconerubberhightemperatureinsulatingcloth.Ithasexcellentphysicalpropertiesandhighstrength.Itcan

Characteristics of infrared radiators!

【概要描述】Characteristicsofinfraredradiators Theinfraredradiatorismadeupofnickelchromiumalloyelectricheatwireandsiliconerubberhightemperatureinsulatingcloth.Ithasexcellentphysicalpropertiesandhighstrength.Itcan

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Characteristics of infrared radiators
The infrared radiator is made up of nickel chromium alloy electric heat wire and silicone rubber high temperature insulating cloth. It has excellent physical properties and high strength. It can withstand repeated bending without affecting the heating life and performance. At the same time, the products can be made into various shapes according to customers' needs and have strong plasticity. Good softness makes the infrared radiator close to the heated object and the heating effect is good. First. Product use
1) silicon rubber heater can be used in wet, non explosive gases, industrial equipment pipes, tanks and other heat and heat insulation (oil barrel heaters), when used, it can be directly entangled on the surface of the heated object.
2) as auxiliary heating for refrigeration and air conditioning compressors, motors and other equipment.
3) as an auxiliary heating device for medical equipment (such as hematology analyzer, test tube heater, medical care body shaping garment, body shaping body belt, heat compensation, etc.).
Two. Product characteristics
1) the heat is fast, and its thermal conductivity is 1W/c. Because of its small heat capacity, it can be turned on or off quickly.
2) the thermal efficiency is high. Under the condition of boiling liquid, the temperature of the heating film itself is only tens of degrees higher than that of the liquid, and 2-3 times more than that of the ordinary electric furnace.
3) water resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, high electrical insulation strength.
4) high mechanical strength, 100kg/cm2.
5) small size. In use, the heating piece hardly occupies space.
6) easy to use, because of its own insulation, no open flame, for insulation, heat insulation technology is greatly simplified.
7) wide range of temperature resistance, from -40 to 200 c, is not available for general electrical appliances.
8) long service life. It can be used permanently and continuously for normal use.
9) it can be made into any size and can be accurately controlled by temperature controller.
Three. Technical parameters
1) the highest temperature resistance of the insulating material: 250 C
2) use the temperature range: -40~200 C
3) power error: + 5%
4) insulation resistance: more than 50 M Omega
5) pressure resistance: 1500v/5s
6) electric voltage: > 5 KV
7) mechanical strength: 100kg/cm2
Four. Precautions
1) the infrared radiator is a non waterproof structure, so do not contact with oil, water and plastic particles during storage and installation to prevent leakage.
2) before installation, check whether the installation position is consistent with the specifications of the infrared radiator, and whether the voltage is consistent.
3) when installing, the electric heating plate must be tightly bonded with the heated body. The surface of the heated body should be flat and intact without any uneven appearance.
4) after the use of electric heating plate, if the surface of the surface is found to produce black and black color, it shows that heat and heat body heat imbalance, should be timely adjusted to prevent burn through.
5) the infrared radiator product is prohibited from bending or drilling at any time, otherwise it will damage its internal heating elements, and even cause electric shock and leakage




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