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Talent idea

Good use

Retain talent

The construction of talents system follows the policy of "Twelve characters": attracting, retaining, cultivating and using well.


Huayu adheres to the idea that "human resources are the first resources of enterprises", and innovates ways of nurturing and introducing talents to ensure the smooth realization of Huayu's international strategic goals.

Talents should be internally trained and externally introduced. We should focus on the goal of building a team that is stronger than ever, and build a mechanism and mode of training talented people and following people.

To make good use of talents, we must know what is good for others, use their strengths, avoid what is short, and never ask for perfection. In the end, we can achieve high and low energy. We can get in and out.

Enterprises need to optimize the conditions of hardware and software to ensure that talents can be brought in without obstacles.

We should fully trust the imported talents, give full play to the stage and humane care, and ensure the integration and play a role.

Hua Yu talent strategy